Functional Courses

Recommended for students pursuing – MBA (Finance, Marketing, Operations) BMS, BCom, BAF and other finance related courses.

Financial Overview of Business Processes in SAP

  • Introduction to Business Processes
  • Mapping of standard organization units in finance like company code, business areas, controlling areas, cost elements, cost centers, profit centers and General Ledger accounting in organizational structure of SAP
  • Order to cash business process integration to Accounts Receivable from sales
  • Procurement to pay business process integration with Accounts Payable from procurement
  • Asset Accounting and Depreciation
  • Trial Balance, P&L and Balance sheet reports

Overview of Sales (Order to Cash) Business Process in SAP

  • Introduction to Business Processes
  • Mapping of standard organization units in sales like sales organization, distribution channel, plant, shipping point, product divisions into organizational structure of SAP
  • Building blocks of Order to Cash Process – Sales Order, Delivery, Invoicing
  • Pricing within SAP
  • Understand how Sales Demand Forecasting is implemented
  • Handling of Sales Promotions
  • Clear analysis of Integration with Finance and with Materials Management

Basic Orientation of Integration of Sales, Operations, Finance and Procurement using SAP

  • Basic Introduction to Business Processes with integration to Sales & Marketing, Finance, Production , Stores and Procurement.
  • Role play depicting actual business process flow in an organization.
  • Taking a case Study (FMCG company) and mapping the organization using Enterprise structure in SAP.
  • Master Data – Pricing, Material, Customer, Vendor.
  • Running through Make to Stock scenario and setting in SAP
  • Procurement to Pay process
  • Order to Cash Process
  • Execution of above scenarios in SAP