Educationists Testimonials

Prof S.M Patil
Bharti Vidyapeeth College fo Engineering

There is a need for students to understand the significance of business processes in an industry. Today every company has to invest in ERP to integrate and automate all business functions. SAP is a market leader in ERP space and practical experience on SAP is the demand in the industry. EBTS (Enterprise Building Training Solutions)  has  provided orientation on business processes and SAP to our I.T students and helped them understand how industy operates. This will help companies to deploy them  in SAP projects quickly. Our students have been happy with their training methodology and we would like to engage with EBTS on a long term.


Anand P. Paralkar, Manager
Technical Activities
Vidyalankar Consultancy Services

EBTS comes across as a team of highly committed training experts for SAP courses. We have always received positive feedback about the courses they have conducted at Vidyalankar. Their knowledge, industry perspective and experience in SAP consulting clearly shows-up in their classroom/lab delivery. Also, EBTS provided our students an actual SAP installation with a 24X7 "helpline" to clarify their technical doubts! We wish EBTS the very best in their endeavors.

Anand P. Paralkar Manager, Technical Activities Vidyalankar Consultancy Services